Deer Park

Linlithgowshire Senior County Championships

Thursday 28th May 2015, Black Tees, Deer Park

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 75 (Visitors 75)
1st James McWhir(13) 70
2nd D Clayton(10)  Linlithgow Golf Club71
3rd Robert Anderson(24)  Pumpherston Golf Club71
4th Robin Cockburn(6)  Harburn Golf Club72
5th D Pace(5)  Uphall Golf Club74
6th Alan F Robertson(8)  Linlithgow Golf Club75
7th S Burns(12)  Harburn Golf Club75
8th Michael Minister(10) 75
9th C Nisbet(7)  Uphall Golf Club76
10th R Feeney(8)  Harburn Golf Club76
11th Ken Clarke(12)  Uphall Golf Club76
12th John McLean(7)  Bathgate Golf Club76
13th Joe McManus(1)  Uphall Golf Club76
14th I Adair(11)  Uphall Golf Club77
15th Pete Cowen(13)  The West Lothian Golf Club77
16th Stanley Scott(9)  Linlithgow Golf Club77
17th J R Callachan(12)  Linlithgow Golf Club77
18th John McIlroy(12) 78
19th J A Graham(13)  Linlithgow Golf Club78
20th David Aitken(15)  Linlithgow Golf Club78
21st Stuart Dunn(6) 78
22nd W Henderson(5)  Bathgate Golf Club78
23rd John Welsh(21)  Shotts Golf Club78
24th Robert Gilbert(14) 79
25th Ray Wilson(6)  Uphall Golf Club79
26th John Halliday(8)  Uphall Golf Club79
27th Richard Lamont(12)  Bathgate Golf Club79
28th S Aitken(6)  Pumpherston Golf Club80
29th Derek Carruthers(13)  Pumpherston Golf Club80
30th Donald Syme(21)  Shotts Golf Club80
31st S Cook(5)  Pumpherston Golf Club80
32nd Ron Deacon(16)  Linlithgow Golf Club80
33rd James McKenzie(13)  Shotts Golf Club80
34th Robert Grierson(15)  Linlithgow Golf Club81
35th Angus Hair(13) 81
36th Alan Ferrie(4)  Uphall Golf Club81
37th F Devine(13)  Shotts Golf Club81
38th David J Craig(9) 82
39th A Lee(9)  Harburn Golf Club82
40th T Headspath(15)  Uphall Golf Club82
41st S Peebles(11)  Harburn Golf Club83
42nd Ronnie Blake(21)  Pumpherston Golf Club83
43rd Steve Antosik(18) 86
44th D Meldrum(2)  Uphall Golf Club86
45th Alistair Henderson(5)  Harburn Golf Club86
46th R Burns(14)  Uphall Golf Club87
47th D Mancini(15)  Pumpherston Golf Club90
48th Thos Muir(16)  Shotts Golf Club90
49th J.H Thomson(10)  Uphall Golf ClubNR
50th A Burnett(9)  Harburn Golf ClubNR
51st William M Craigie(10)  Linlithgow Golf ClubNR
52nd Jim Davidson(8)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
53rd S McPherston(19)  Shotts Golf ClubNR
54th David Mcleary(19)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
55th James McPheat(24)  Shotts Golf ClubNR
56th Bernard Fox(16) NR
57th R Strokes(12)  Harburn Golf ClubNR
58th Kenny Rees(10)  Uphall Golf ClubNR
59th Derek Quigley(17)  Uphall Golf ClubNR
60th W L Marr(12)  West Lothian Golf ClubWD
61st James Young Thomson(14) WD
62nd Derek McLellan(7)  Shotts Golf ClubWD
63rd J.F. Thomson(19)  Harburn Golf ClubWD
64th G Birch(14)  Pumpherston Golf ClubWD
65th G Somerville(13)  Harburn Golf ClubWD
66th B Christie(12)  Bathgate Golf ClubWD
67th John Quin(12) WD
68th P Laird(10)  Harburn Golf ClubWD
69th D Reid(9)  Uphall Golf ClubWD
70th Mr Rory Malone(9)  Linlithgow Golf ClubWD

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