Deer Park

CountyChampionship 3rd Class

Saturday 27th August 2016, White Tees, Deer Park

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st David Mcleary(20)  Pumpherston Golf Club67
2nd Lindsay McKenzie(19)  Shotts Golf Club68
3rd Graham Duke(16) 68
4th B Muldoon(17)  Uphall Golf Club68
5th Stuart Stirling(20)  Harburn Golf Club68
6th A Mclaren(13)  Uphall Golf Club69
7th Derek Carruthers(13)  Pumpherston Golf Club71
8th Derek Ball(15)  Harburn Golf Club71
9th M McLean(18)  Pumpherston Golf Club72
10th James Callachan(13)  Linlithgow Golf Club73
11th D Mancini(16)  Pumpherston Golf Club73
12th Allan Wilson(13) 74
13th Robert Anderson(23)  Pumpherston Golf Club74
14th C Malloy(23)  Bathgate Golf Club75
15th James McKenzie(14)  Shotts Golf Club75
16th Gavin J Russell(19)  Pumpherston Golf Club75
17th James Grant(19)  Pumpherston Golf Club76
18th Alex Roberts(13)  Niddry Castle Golf club76
19th Angus Hair(13) 76
20th Colin MacKenzie(16)  Harburn Golf Club77
21st John Quin(15) 77
22nd Jim Dunn(15)  Greenburn Golf Club77
23rd Charles McCormack(13)  Harburn Golf Club77
24th Grant Wilson(16)  Pumpherston Golf Club77
25th Stuart Rennie(15)  Bathgate Golf Club77
26th Les Hoey(17)  Shotts Golf Club78
27th Stuart Fleming(14)  Binny Golf Club78
28th Scott Buchanan Douglas(13) 78
29th J Hoban(16)  Greenburn Golf Club78
30th Andy McGregor(17)  Binny Golf Club78
31st J A Graham(15)  Linlithgow Golf Club79
32nd Frank Brennan(14)  Greenburn Golf Club80
33rd James F Thomson(14)  Harburn Golf Club80
34th Nick Cumming(16)  Pumpherston Golf Club80
35th David Devine(22)  Shotts Golf Club80
36th Robert Brown(16)  Pumpherston Golf Club81
37th Allan Fairbairn(14)  Greenburn Golf Club81
38th Brian McIntosh(15)  Bathgate Golf Club82
39th Douglas Bidwell(13)  Niddry Castle Golf club84
40th W T Carlyon(13)  Uphall Golf Club85
41st Richard Horsburgh(17)  Binny Golf Club85
42nd Antoine Guzik(14)  Greenburn Golf Club85
43rd John Doherty(13)  Niddry Castle Golf club86
44th K McCormack(21)  Pumpherston Golf Club87
45th Jim Gardner(20)  Uphall Golf Club87
46th F Donoghue(13)  Bathgate Golf Club87
47th Iain Calder(13)  Uphall Golf Club87
48th Alex P Taylor(24)  Niddry Castle Golf club88
49th A E Brown(23)  Uphall Golf Club89
50th Mr Andrew Mclaren(16)  Uphall Golf Club89
51st Mr Ralph Bolton(24)  Pumpherston Golf Club90
52nd Allan McKinstrie(15)  Shotts Golf ClubNR
53rd Peter Brown(21)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
54th J Chalmers(14)  Greenburn Golf ClubNR
55th Colin Hardie(22)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
56th Ian Mcleod(28)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
57th Alistair Devlin(20)  Pumpherston Golf ClubNR
58th Peter Connelly(27)  Shotts Golf ClubNR

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